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rodohorellana, Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

Developers of CODEXCUBE IT does great work! They are fast and responsive. Could not ask for a better web developer!

vikingproductions, Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

CODEXCUBE IT is an extremely detail oriented IT farm, with great coding skills. To give you an example: one time, when we were talking about getting together on a project, I sent a sample.psd file, asked them to turn it into a web page. Within 3 hours, they had responded with a web page, on their own server, that was a 100% faithful replication of the .psd file I’d sent them (which, if you do web design, you know can be hard to do), was 100% cross-browser compatible, and had flawless coding. Developers of CODEXCUBE IT has also assisted me as a subcontractor on my own work, and each time her coding has been without flaw. They are very responsive, and I’d trust her completely to code any website of mine. And I’m a pretty picky person.

rfassinou, Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

Great Product and Outstanding Customer Support. This author is very professional and respond quickly to messages. He is also able to Skype with his customer to get issues solved. I highly recommend him.

helloworldtechnologies, Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

Well i Really liked this CRM its Almost completed CRM and waiting for some new features like File Manager Permission Recommended this CRM . Good Luck CODEXCUBE.

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